Coronavirus Craziness

What a few weeks it has been!

If you all are anything like me & my family, the first few days were chaos trying to figure everything out about being home 24/7.  We have since settled into a semblance of a routine, as I hope you all have as well. Wayne is working from home as best he can and I am baby and dog wrangling during the day.

I miss all your lovely faces!  Not getting to see you every day has been rough for the last two weeks, but we will make it through.  I know some of you are stressing over missing appointments, and that’s ok. But think of it this way – We are protecting each other from COVID-19 by social distancing, and that is the best thing we can do right now. I have no idea how long this will all last, but I know that you are all resilient people who will find solutions to your aches and pains.  And if you need a little help, please send me a message – I will help you through all this the best I can!

I have been checking in with you all slowly.  Remember to get outside for a walk, have a dance party with your kids or furbabies, drink water (No excuses now – Everyone is close to a bathroom!), call or video chat with your family and friends, and catch up on some sleep.  We can all learn to be a bit more gentle with ourselves in this crazy time.

What does this all mean for life as we knew it?  I have no idea. But we will navigate it together <3 

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