Fall Update

Hello there!

It has been quite a few months! Getting back into the swing of things was a bit chaotic, but now I’ve hit my stride and things are going smoothly. There are still a lot of precautionary measures in place – and yes, you still have to wear a mask for your appointment – but it’s now second nature for a lot of us I think.

Below are a few updates moving forward.  Please read on and let me know if you have questions!

Pricing Update
Prices will be increasing $5 across the board starting today –  Monday, October 5th.  I haven’t implemented a price increase in almost five years and in part due to prices rising during the pandemic, I felt it was time.  I have had several patients ask about a price increase since I reopened in late June and I appreciate your continued support.  It was a tough decision as I try to keep massage therapy affordable for everyone, but the increase was needed.
New Leaf Massage – Now with laundry service!
Laundry service is a big change happening now for my practice.  All the sheets and blankets used from now on will meet hospital quality guidelines.There’s been what seems like a 1,000% increase in the amount of laundry I do after new COVID guidelines were handed down (how is that even possible?!) and it was becoming increasingly expensive to do it myself.  Time is also a factor in my decision to start utilizing a laundry service; adding 90 minutes to the end of every day doing laundry hasn’t been the best utilization of my time.  So my table may look a bit different when you’re in for your next session, but it’s a good change!
Start of Sessions as we Move into Colder Weather
Since June, I have been waiting outside for every patient to fill out paperwork, take your temperature and do a general check-in before moving inside.  As the weather gets cooler and potentially rainy, I will start to transition to meeting everyone inside the back door.  We’ll take your temperature, fill out paperwork and then move to the treatment room from there.  So no more waiting in your car; you can come directly into the building!
I hope this finds you well and enjoying the many activities that fall affords us here in Central New York!
Hope to see you for your next appointment soon!
Be Well, 

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